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Daily Play Hype #11

Nets 96, Pacers 90 (Nets win series 4-2): Major props to Anthony Johnson for playing out of his mind tonight and throughout this entire series. This Nate Dogg clone has a career average of under 6ppg, but came out of nowhere and dropped 40 tonight. Even Jason Kidd admitted earlier in the series that Anthony Johnson was outplaying him.

Vinsanity and Kidd are the best back court in the league- No diggity. No Doubt. It may not show in the regular season, but it shows in the playoffs when the season starts for the big boys. Vince and Jason alone will make the series with the Heat interesting. More interesting than last year's sweep at least.

Keep ya head up, fellas. Jermaine- You might get to finally be able to get out of Indiana and move to a real state. AJ- You played BIG.

He looks like a fan, but Lawrence Frank is the coach of the 1st round winning Nets.

Now that the Pacers have officially gone fishing, here's a tip for the worst GM's in the league (ahem Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, and Chris Mullin): Peja's scoring has dropped 2 years in a row and he scored 22 points total in 6 games this series. Don't make the dumb mistake that we know you guys are itching to make this summer when Peja's a free agent. He's not worth a max contract. Milk Carton: Predrag Stojakovic... Milk Carton: Predrag Stojakovic... Milk Carton: Predrag Stojakovic...

Just messing with you! There's no pictures of Peja in the playoffs. This pic's from the regular season.

Heat 113, Bulls 96 (Heat win series 4-2): It was bound to happen. Sooner or later the Heat were going to break open the can of whop ass on the Bulls. Nice, scrappy run by the Bulls though. They're on pace to be the Memphis Grizzlies of the East- a first round knockout every year. Actually that's messed up. The Chicago Bulls are much better than the Memphis Teddy Bears. The Bulls can actually win a playoff game. Bold prediction: Say goodbye to Chicago, Ben Gordon. Bulls fans rejoice- the season may be over, but you've still got Blog-a-Bull.

Fellas, it wasn't that bad was it? You didn't honestly expect to win more than 2 games against the Heat, did you?

Suns 126, Lakers 118 (Series tied 3-3): Excellent game. Excellent series. Regardless of who you're rooting for, this series going to the brink with a game 7 is a great thing.

Aside from the 7 turnovers, Kobe didn't have much to hide with his 50 points, 8 boards, and 5 dimes.

Funny thing how Kobe finally breaks the 30 point mark against the defenseless Phoenix Suns in this series and the Lakers lose. Even funnier is Tim Thomas dropping several clutch treys and playing a major role for the Suns in the playoffs. This is a guy pretty much no one wanted this season- even with his extremely large expiring contract. Props to Suns coach Mike D'Antoni for putting double T in a position where he can succeed.

By the way, it's really nice to see every team from the Pacific division doing so well in the playoffs. The Lakers and Suns have an exciting 1st round series, with a looming classic game 7 on Saturday. Sacramento Kings are playing tough against the defending champion Spurs especially with Bontest in full effect. The Clippers are finally advancing in the playoffs for the first time in 30 years. And your Golden State Warriors well... 12 years straight out of the playoffs? That's consistency. Stability if you will. Big things from the Pacific all around.

Boxscore Badboy
Gotta give some props to the big Shaq Daddy himself. Shaquille struggled at times during this series with the Bulls but played BIG these last two outings. Dropping 30 points (including a smooth reverse flip-layup) and 20 boards is nice. Sprinkling in 5 dimes and 2 swats is just silly.

THIS is the big fella we all know.

Wouldn't it be crazy if Shaq (30 points-20 rebounds) and Kobe (50 points) were ever on the same team? Oh wait...

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