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State of the CRAP: Golden State Warriors

The good folks over at dropped an analysis of the Warriors' salary cap in State of the Cap: Golden State Warriors. The numbers are startling for a team tied for the 8th worst record in the league this past season.

2006/07 Golden State Warriors Payroll: $64.7 million
2006/07 Estimated NBA Salary Cap: $52 million
Roughly: $12.7 million over cap

If you've been reading Golden State of Mind, nothing in this State of the Cap piece will come as new news to you. The take home points:

  • JRich is the man
  • Ike and Monta showed they can play
  • Baron struggled with his shot this past season
  • Foyle's contract is a monstrosity
  • Dunleavy is regressing and received a bizzare contract extension (see 44 Reasons why giving Mike Dunleavy 44million wasn't the brightest idea Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV )
  • Troy's the most realistic, tradeable piece
This piece also said that the Warriors would get a new coach. I'm not sure about that. Cohan's too cheap and apathetic to hire a new coach with 5 million dollars still tied up to Coach Montgomery for the next 2 years. If anything, Monty might be fired in the middle of next season and one of the assistant coaches will be promoted in a sneaky cost-avoiding move. gave the Warriors a D, which seems generous. Put this state of crap in the context of a 12 year playoff drought (the league's longest) and the Warriors deserve an F- at best.

What grade would you give the Warriors as an organization this past year?

Stay tuned Warriors Nation...