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Daily Play Hype #14

Mavs 85, Spurs 87 (Spurs lead series 1-0): Don't be fooled by the score- this game was incredibly boring. The last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter were tough to watch. The only points that I can remember seeing came from our favorite, "hard-working", ex-Warrior, Erik Dampier going 1 for 2 from the line. Throw in Bill Walton's completely asine commentary including "Robert Horry is one of the greatest defensive forces in the league" and the game was painful in every way imaginable. Jerry Stackhouse had no business taking that prayer shot at the end of regulation. There's only a few players in the entire league who have any business taking that kind of insane shot. Stack's not one of them.

Van Exel holds Manu Ginobili so he can't flop when Duncan gives him a hug

Even GSoM favorite Mark Cuban couldn't believe how boring that game was!

The only thing to look forward to in this series besides former Warrior great Avery Johnson's postgame interviews is the crazy, phat beats that the Mav's DJ Mbenga is going to drop. Jenga... Jenga... JENGA!

DJ Mbenga drops beats like Jenga blocks dropping!

Cavs 86, Pistons 213 (Pistons lead series 1-0): Okay fine the Pistons only scored 113 on the Cleveland Witnesses, but it sure felt like they dropped 213. Yawn... yawn... yawn... The only thing that kept this game interesting was the Dunleavy spotting in the Palace of Auburn Hills, courtesy of the bad boys over at Need4Sheed. Looks like it's going to be another successful offseason for Warriors Nation's favorite #3 overall draft pick. Dunleavy's now sporting glasses, which explains a lot of those airballs this past season. Warrior fans will also be delighted to know that Mike Dunleavy Jr. can now dance with the best of them (um, Mark Madsen). Well, we don't need to say that much more. See the video of Mike for yourself:

Mike Dunleavy's offseason regimen is already paying dividends!

Boxscore Badboy 31 points, 14 boards, 4 assists, 2 blocks, 1 steal Tim "Snoring" Duncan. So nice of Mr. Never-Dunkin' to actually show up this season. The good news is that Duncan is on the decline and he and the Spurs probably only have 3-5 great years left in the tank. Oh wait, that's a long time. Uh-oh.

It's all up to the Paper Clips, Softy Sons, Miami Ice, and the New Jersey Backcourt to make the 2nd round as interesting as the 1st round 'cause today's games just weren't doing it.

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