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Daily Play Hype #15

And so it went down. The final opening games of Round 2 hit and... well, they weren't THAT boring. Actually, now that I think about it... New Jersey BEAT the Heat? SNAP! Dwayne Wade and Big Diesel better recognize. The Vin-sanity Kidd is in town. (Cue the theme to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.) With a combined 49 points, 17 rebounds, and 13 assists, and 7 steals they ALMOST matched the average game stats of my character in NBA 2K6. (That's right. Bring it on.)

The Heat may have caught a break with R.J. hitting the deck on his ankle but it looks like the Nets have come to play. Welcome to Upset City, Miami Heat! Population? You!
Rolled ankle or stinky armpit? You decide.

Moving onto the Suns vs the LA Lakers. As usual, the Fakers have moved up in the playoff rankings and.... wait, hang on a sec. What's that? They're playing the Clippers? In the playoffs? In ROUND 2 of the playoffs? Dear god!

So like I was saying, Phoenix vs. the Clips last night was a sniper-fest. It seems like both of the teams were scoring at will, making it a hell of a game to watch. Despite the Clips being ahead at the half, Phoenix became... well Phoenix in the second half and started sinking everything. After receiving the MVP of the league award, Nash went out and proceeded to embarrass defensive efforts, shaking double teams and racking up 12 dimes and 31 points. I gotta admit; it was really fun to watch. Between giving us Nash and Shania Twain, I'm starting to think that Canada is all right!

Nash has a close encounter of the third kind.

Boxscore Badboy: Take your pick! Yesterday was STACKED with stats. Was it Vinsanity with 8 boards, 6 dimes, 3 jacks and 27 points! Maybe Brand with 9 boards, 4 swats and 40 points?! The Matrix with 15 boards and 20 points?!! Nash with 12 dimes and 31 points?!! My answer? Jason the Kidd with 9 boards, 7 dimes, 4 jacks, 22 points, 1 upset and a partridge in a pear tree!

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