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Daily Play Hype #22

All I have to say is Wow

Pistons 91, Heat 78 - Boxscore - Heat lead series 3-2
Faced with elimination, the Pistons were able to hold off the Heat and send the series back to Miami for Game 6. Biggest highlight of the game (see pic above) goes to Ben Wallace for his stuff of Shaq. This was no ordinary block, this was something I've never seen before. Shaq pump faked his man, Big Ben came racing over to help, jumped up and as Shaq came back up with the ball, Ben Wallace came down on it. All ball. Clean. What's even more impressive is that he stuffed Shaq so hard, that the Big Aristotle fell to the floor still holding the ball. Amazing that Big Ben could block Shaq so hard that Shaq, of all people, fell to the floor. The game was actually close for much of the 4th quarter with the Heat always within striking distance. But the Pistons kept pushing the lead slowly to double digits and eventually forced Riley to bench Shaq and Flash with a couple minutes left as the Pistons put the game away. I'm looking forward to Game 6. Here's hoping the Heat pull one out and Shaq and Flash make an appearance in the Finals.

Fall down 8 times...Will the Heat get up for Game 6 and take the series?

Big Ben was the man tonight.

Just not enough for DWade tonight

It's KiiiiiD Rock. Oh Lord, Detroit really is the home to white trash

Yo James, just get out of the way. Welcome to Posterville

Boxscore Badboy: Tayshaun Prince. The man came to play tonight scoring 29 on a super-efficient 11-17 shooting. There's a Dunleavy comment here, but let's not beat a dead horse. Anyways, props to Tayshaun for coming up huge when his team needed him to.

Last Shot: In case you missed it, here's the video of Ben Wallace blocking Shaq (courtesy of kissingslits):

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