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Off Season Rumor Central #1

Let the Rumors Begin:

Before I start let me just say that I am not one who likes rumors. In fact I might be the only member of the Golden State of Mind who ignores all media attention and rumors throughout the NBA season and off season only because I don't have the time to think about it. I usually just say "I'll believe it when I see it". Doesn't mean it's not fun to dream once in a while, to see Yao come to the Bay or wishing Stan Van Gundy could bless us with his coaching. But all in all, I hate rumors.

However, yesterday something hit me that made me write this. I am a season ticket holder of the Warriors and good friends with a colleague who works high up for the team. He couldn't give me any details at all, but he did insist that we "warrior fans" should expect a pretty large trade being done right after the NBA finals. Not wanting to press for any more info, I decided to ask who here can come up with the more likely scenario. Below are a couple players I think my friend would consider "big" for the warriors trading for:

1) Kevin Garnett: Lets face it, his trade value is shrinking because I think he's past his prime and definitely wants out of Minny, so why not?

Easy Big Guy! Warriors aren't that bad!

2) Corey Maggette: My money is on him! The warriors have been talking about this guy forever and lets face it, if we had Baron, Rich, and Maggette running the floor, this is a playoff team!!

Yea, Warriors would be nice!

3) Jermaine O'neal: Not bloody likely. What are we going to give up Dunleavy and Murph to get O'neal? Hahaha. I would package along Atma Brother to get that trade done!! All Love Atma!! All Love.

I got traded for who? What? I quit!

4) Bobby Simmons: Heard his name pop up last year. Not sure if he could help the team.

Another player to stink up our roster!

Ok let's hear from you. Who do you think could be traded to the Warriors in the off season?

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