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Because Everyone Loves Rumors: Troy Murphy for the #2 Pick?

In the NBA 99% of rumors and speculating never come true, but 99% of them are pretty interesting.

So, here's another one from Sam Smith of

1. Troy Murphy and No. 9 for No. 2 and something, maybe Michael Sweetney. This is one you hear the most about. The Warriors are desperate for a big man and figure to want a shot at Aldridge or Thomas. They've got to pare payroll and Murphy has five years left, escalating up to almost $12 million. For the Bulls he would be a power forward who could start and hit a jump shot. And the Bulls could use the No. 9 pick and probably get a shooting guard, wing player or combo guard like Ronnie Brewer, Randy Foye or Rodney Carney and still get another big man at No. 16.

One thing to clarify- Golden State of Mind does not create rumors or make stuff up like some columnists (ahem, Peter "facts not rumors" Vescey). We will often link to rumors (like HoopsHype and InsideHoops do), but they are not our creation. Quoting does not mean creating. Recently YaoButtaMing with his typical strange humor (I know Family Guy is popular, but what does it have to do with Mark Cuban?), wrote about a friend in the Warriors organization telling him that a "big trade" for the Warriors was imminent. YaoButtaMing wasn't making up an inside source, just relaying what a friend in the organization has been hyping up.

We have absolutely no connection whatsoever to Chris Cohan and Chris Mullin. Nor are we claiming to. If we did have connections with them, don't you think the Warriors would be in the playoffs by now? Well, at least they'd be more funny! And Hyphy might I add!

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