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Sneaker Ad Bracket Winner

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The Sneaker Ad Bracket hosted by SB Nation's basketball sites is complete. The finals, hosted by us, put two of the most amazing dunkers against each other. Air vs. Vince. Vinsanity vs MJ. Did anyone really expect Vince to beat out Mike? Well it was a blowout, with Mike taking 84% of the vote. It was about as close as a Biedrins free throw, an Adonal Foyle 3, or the Warriors making the playoffs.

Yep this is his 7th championship. Possibly the most important one.

Thank you to all 113 of you who voted, 18 went to Vince and 95 went to MJ. Now go check out the new poll and cast a vote.

In case you missed it, here are the two commercials.

Runner Up: Vince - "My Old Coach"

Winner: MJ - "Baby Jordans" 30% off

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