I just met Eric Musselman at an A's game

I went to see the Oakland A's playing the Mariners today because I'm a big Ichiro Suzuki fan; I like the A's but have always been a Giants fan. (I sometimes wish Eric Chavez and Ichiro were roaming AT&T ballbark as a Giant.)

Anyways, I was waiting in line for a Super Dog (which turned out quite good) and lo and behold I heard a familiar voice talking loud and clear to his little boy who was wearing a Sacramento Kings Ron Artest basketball jersey.  I looked over to my right and there was Eric Musselman with his kid.

I went over and congratulated Eric on the new Kings' job and told him that I always loved the way he coached the Warriors; I said it was real bad the way things went down. The man gave me a friendly handshake and then he said "I'm gonna haunt the Warriors!" with a confident grin on his face.

How I wish he was still the Warriors coach.


The Mercury had a good article on him yesterday.

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