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Daily Play Hype #25

Mavs 74, Heat 98 (Series tied 2-2): Even steven. The game was pretty much a blowout throughout with the Mavs getting stomped in the 4th quarter 7 to 20. I love how people were calling the Finals over after the Mavs took the first two games of this series on their home floor. People, it's the NBA Finals! These teams are good. It's not going to be won that easily. Here's hoping that this series goes the distance.

Damp continues to play that great defense you'd expect the 2nd best center in the league to play.

Nowitzness the 2 for 14 shooting. Stack couldn't stand to look.

In the 4th quarter Jerry Stackhouse had a dirty foul on Shaq as he was going for a layup. Who knew ANYONE could take down the big fella? Watch your back Stack... Watch your back Stack... Watch your back Stack...

Straight filthy like Mike Dunleavy taking his jersey off and throwing it in the crowd!

EDIT: Here's the clip off YouTube of Jerry Stackhouse fouling Shaq HARD, courtesy of jose3030:

The Heat Girls got nothing on the Warrior Girls!

Boxscore Badboy Dwayne Wade dropping 36 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists... with an extremely tender knee? That's Jordanesque! DWade should be in the next Baby Jordan Nike commercial spot!

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