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Rumor: Troy Murphy for Jamaal Magloire

From the The Woelfel World of Sports:

Bucks general manager Larry Harris said he's had on-going trade discussions with several teams, but declined to go into details. It's almost a foregone conclusion the Bucks will deal veteran center Jamaal Magloire. It is believed Harris is mulling trades offer from at least three teams.
Among the teams that have been linked to Magloire are Atlanta, Toronto, Utah and Golden State. There was also a rumor floating around Tuesday that the Washington Wizards may pursue Magloire as well.
With Magloire, the Bucks seemingly have the ammo to acquire either Troy Murphy from Golden State or Carlos Boozer from Utah. Both Murphy and Boozer are available, and both are power forwards, a position the Bucks want to bolster. However, both players have large and lengthy contracts, which Bucks owner Herb Kohl might be reluctant to take on.

Golden State of Mind reader Clem, a Milwaukee resident, recently offered us his insights about Jamaal Magloire's game in his diary. Here's his scouting report:

Magloire's strengths:  First and foremost Magloire is a legitimate physical prescence in the lane.  At 6-11" 260 he does not get moved around and he does not get intimidated by anybody.  I've seen Shaq hit him in the mouth and Magloire doesn't flinch.  He is one of those guys who seems to always have a cut lip or a bloody mouth.

That being said he is great on the boards.  He averaged 9.5 this season (in a frontcourt that had him, Bogut (7/per) + Joe Smith (5/per).  On a more open team he would have averaged 11+. (He was 7th in the NBA in boards per 48 minutes) He's a decent post up player, featuring a right handed baby hook.  Gets alot of offensive second chance points and is a monster in creating space in baseline screens.

Weaknesses:  Jamaal's body type makes this natural, but if you are looking for a big man who is good in transition...he ain't it.  He has little range on his jumper.  He is only going to block about 1/per game.  And he does not naturally draw a double team unless he backs his man down.

Take it for what it's worth: Jamaal was a recent All Star center

Again, 99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of rumors are fun to talk about.

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