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Is Larry Brown Golden?

Now that the Knicks have fired Larry Brown (deservedly so, by the way), Warriors Nation is left to speculate about the possibility of Brown coaching the Dubs. In this new NBA, Larry Brown's approach to the game might be a little outdated, but there's no denying that he's a tremendous upgrade over the in-over-his-head Mike Montgomery.

Today's NY Post says it's highly unlikely that the Warriors will bring in Larry Brown:

Brown's landing spot won't be Golden State, despite speculation because of his Hamptons friendship with owner Chris Cohan. A person familiar with the owner's thinking told The Post that Brown won't be considered for Mike Montgomery's job.
"Chris has confidence and tremendous respect for Chris Mullin and Montgomery," the person said. "He's not looking to make any changes . . . They're solid summer acquaintances. Chris would never have Larry work for him. It might ruin a very good relationship."

In other words, Larry Brown is your next Golden State Warriors head coach. Warrior owner Chris Cohan might be the worst owner in sports, but there's no denying that he's one of the best at ruining relationships. Just ask Don Nelson and Gilbert Arenas.

Do you want the Warriors to bring in Larry Brown?

Maybe Larry needs to go retro!


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