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Rumor: Allen Iverson to the Warriors

From Adam Stanco of

Allen Iverson could be traded so the Sixers can acquire another lottery pick. My sources say the Sixers are heavily involved in Iverson trade talks with the Warriors and the Hawks. The deal would almost certainly consist of the lottery pick owned by the Warriors (No. 9) or Hawks (No. 5) and another emerging starter. If the trade is made, the Sixers probably won't give up their lottery pick (No. 13) and it probably won't happen prior to the draft. That's because Philly needs to re-examine who they will workout in the next few days.

Is AI the answer for the Warriors' 12 year playoff drought?

Iverson is a top 10 player and a mega-star. Teammates love him. Hip Hop fans love him. Ladies love him. Damn, I love him! Yo, Chris and Rod make it happen!

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about.

Do you want the Warriors to trade for superstar Allen Iverson?

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