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Interview with Warriors President Robert Rowell

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Angry Warriors season ticket holder Dave Pawson recently sat down with Warriors President Robert Rowell to discuss the mess and embarrassment that is your Golden State Warriors. His blog post about the interview is a must read.

Golden State of Mind and Warriors Nation have been extremely critical of the Warriors (mis)management (see Rise to the Occasion and Missing Signatures). If anything Rowell comes off as delusional in this interview. His take on each of the players and their contracts are misguided. You can tell Rowell doesn't know much about basketball. Rowell's seething dislike for Eric Musselman is pretty funny too considering Muss worked hard to change the losing culture that Rowell and Cohan created.

Make sure to thank Dave for relaying all this information to Warriors Nation in his comments section. There's a great followup thread about Dave's interview on the RealGM boards as well.