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Rumor: Patrick O'Bryant not working out for the Warriors

Some info from Chad Ford of and from KNBR:

Rumor #1
Patrick O'Bryant has not yet worked out for the Warriors and has refused to do so.

So what does that mean? It could possibly mean that he's got a promise from a team picking 8 or higher that they will draft him, so there's no need to workout with the Warriors. Also, there's the possibility that he just doesn't want to play for the Warriors. If not, he's a punk. There's plenty of opportunity for him to be able to play if he performs. Third and most importantly, he's the leader in votes in our poll on the right by 12 votes over trading for a veteran and 15 votes for rodney carney. With this news will either of these two other candidates make a run at the top position in the final day? Remember last year, Chris Mullin listened to our readers and picked the player that our readers wanted, Ike Diogu.

Rumor #2
The Warriors have also worked out Ronnie Brewer and Thabo Sefolosha an indication that they could lean towards grabbing a rook to replace Mike Dunleavy.

They could just be blowing smoke. Also from KNBR, I heard they've worked out 35 guys. So basically, anyone who has a chance of being picked. I hope this isn't why they raised season ticket prices.

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