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Report Card: Troy Murphy

It's that time of year again. With the end of the basketball season, it's time to hand out some grades. It's your annual Golden State of Mind baller report cards. We filled out report cards for each player based on an A-F range, just like in school. Who flunked, barely passed, or graduated with flying colors?

EDIT: We'll be dropping report cards every Tuesday and Thursday so be sure to check back often.

First up...Troy Murphy, PF

Overall Grade: C+

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: B-)
Mr. Windex continues to wipe the glass with his great rebounding, but his defense is soft like the Pillsbury Doughboy (now representing for the Brown folk by the way!). T-Double has improved his inside game by taking it to hole and drawing some fouls. Still, as a jump shooting Power Forward, he's a poor fit for this team.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: C)
His game started out nicely to open the season, but as the losing continued teams began to expose his weaknesses, mainly his lack of foot speed and overall defensive effort. The Warriors already have enough shooters, so we don't need our big men to be camped out on the perimeter too. He'll probably be traded this offseason and this will let Ike step in and see what he can do.

Hash (Grade: B)
T-Double was our major cleanup guy this year. Double doubles were almost expected of this guy. The problem is; Troy is a fantasy league player. He is the textbook example that stats don?t make a player good. He?s going to need to take his game to the next level if he?s still with us next year. While he plays hard, our power forward should be doing a lot more for us ? especially with someone like Adonal as our center.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: C+)
Big fan of the Murph, but what really has he done for our team? No inside game. Rebounds are great, but we need more. If he doesn't improve his offense next year I say trade him.

What's your grade for Troy Murphy?

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