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Rumor: Mike Dunleavy Won't Airball Wide Open Jump Shots Anymore

From a "little birdie" who sent a tip to the Golden State of Mind team:

Thanks to the newly released NBA game ball Golden State Warrior and first round bust Mike Dunleavy Jr. will dramatically decrease the number of times he airballs a completely wide open jump shot next season.

I don't know about you guys, but this is BIG. Bigger than any mock draft or any rumor floating around about today's NBA Draft. Anything that decreases the chances of another "silky smooth" airball from Mike Dunleavy could pay big dividends for the Golden State Warriors. Playoffs here we come!

From's press release for the new official game ball:

The interlocking cross-panel design has one-third the channel area of the previous official ball to provide more material coverage, better grip, and... less airballs from the Warriors Mike Dunleavy.

99% of rumors never happen, but you can be 100% certain that this one doesn't.

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