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NBA Draft 2006: GSM Draft Poll Results

In the 2006 NBA Draft Warriors Nation wants the Warriors to...
Trade away the pick for a veteran!

This has to be closest margin of victory for a Golden State of Mind poll ever, unlike the SBN Sneaker Ad finals. It's Gore-Bush 2000 close! Trading away the pick for a veteran (please no Mookie Blaylock comments!) narrowly beat out drafting Patrick O'Bryant.

If the Warriors draft someone, Warriors Nation would like the Warriors to take:
Patrick O'Bryant


Rodney Carney

Here's a recap of the results:

Thanks to all 363 of you who voted!

Last season everyone voted for Ike Diogu and the Warriors came through (see Thanks Chris). Let's see if the Warriors (mis)management can come through and trade the pick away for a good veteran in a package deal. As tough as it's been for all of us Warriors fans this season, we'll live with Patrick O'Bryant or Rodney Carney too.

Live Blogging of the NBA Draft starts soon. Make sure to keep hitting the Refresh button on your browser to keep up with everyone's comments and our posts.

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