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NBA Draft 2006: Kosta Perovic hype

The hype (or what you might call anti-hype) about Kosta Perovic is quite varied.  Once considered a potential lottery bound pick in the 2004 draft, the draft that landed Biedrins into the bay area, Kosta has significantly dropped off the radar where the fanfare went from relative obscurity but curiosity to well... just about absolute obscurity as he's been exiled to Golden State.  I've told this story a dozen times and recently to Atma, but people on the east coast don't know who the Golden State Warriors are.  

During the initial phase of the throwback craze of the 2003, I went to visit a friend in Philly.  On every corner was a sports store selling all sorts of throwback gear.  I happened to be wearing my "the city" shirt in one of em and the sales attendant--who was decked out in some 76ers throwback gear--said he liked the design and the colors.  I told him it was a Golden State Warriors shirt and he replied "What?" I said it was an NBA team and he said "Where?" 12 years of being in the Lottery will do that to ya...

Anyway, the scouting reports of Kosta are relatively similar and all the comparisons are, of course, of European players.  

NBA Draftnet thinks he'll be the Next Z

Draftexpress thinks Kosta is just Rasho at best, Tsakalidis at worst.  Oh ya, plus he's got soft hands!

RealGM forum discussion, where K is said to be the next Vlade!

2003 interview with Kosta. K dispels ideas that he's the next Z K bio K bio mockdraft from 2004 where K goes as high as #12.  

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