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Rumor: Warriors in the Mix for Allen Iverson

From David Aldridge of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Those who have hoped for, wished for, dreamed for this day, pay heed: Your moment is coming, and soon. AI is on his way out. You will have to find someone else to blame.
The Sixers, clearly, are doing much more than just blithely chatting with their league brethren; they are actively trying to divest themselves of their franchise player. They have made their choice (or their choice was made for them, as there is next to no interest in taking on the $43 million remaining on Chris Webber's contract). And it's just a matter of time before they find an Iverson deal that's to their liking.

It might be with Memphis, or Golden State, or Denver.

But Iverson won't be in Philadelphia much longer.

Gotta give it up for AI!

DA's a well respected NBA journalist. I know there's already been a few AI to the Warriors (see Rumor: Allen Iverson to the Warriors and Rumor: Warriors Really After Iverson) or Celtics rumors, but Aldridge is pretty legit.

Still, 99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

Do you think the Warriors have a realistic shot at AI? What kind of packages would you put together for Iverson?

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