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Eric Musselman is Crowned

Sacramento Kings fans want to know. Golden State Warriors fans can only remember Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber, and Rick Adelman. Damn even Jimmy Jackson! Over the past 14 years the Warriors have become a pit stop for future King greats. Sacramento is the Bay Area's understudy in every imaginable way- economically, socially, and culturally, but when it comes to the NBA, Sacramento owns the Bay Area like our neighbors to the North own 3 cows each.

Let's make it simple: The Kings got a helluva a head coach. He's superior to the guy the Warriors (mis)management replaced him with in almost every imaginable way.

Muss, Jamison, JRich, Arenas, and Boykins. Good times!

Eric Musselman > Mike Montgomery.

  • From the first day Muss got to the Bay Area he aggressively tried to change the culture of one of the worst franchises in all of sports. Monty has done nothing to change the culture of losing. If anything he's made things worse.
  • Muss had a clue and made in-game adjustments. If the team's two stars Arenas or JRich were struggling-- here's a new concept for Monty-- Muss would sit them down and play someone else. When was the last time you saw Monty make an in-game adjustment?
  • Coach Musselman was a real man. There's no way he'd let Baron Davis walk over him. Let's just say that under Monty, Baron goes through a new pair of walking shoes every week.
  • Muss didn't care what management thought. He played who deserved to play, not who management thought was good. Exihibit #1: Coach Musselman's handling of Mike Dunleavy
  • Players may have disagreed with Muss and maybe even hated him, but many of them actually improved under his tenure. Muss gave both Gilbert Arenas and Earl Boykins a chance when many people doubted their abilities and helped them earn huge contracts. JRich and Troy can also credit Muss for putting them in a position to succeed. Eric Dampier aka LA-Z-Boy owes Muss millions. Has anyone really improved under Coach Monty? Everyone except for JRich seems to have regressed this past season.
  • The greatest part about Muss has to be that he got under the skin of the clowns. Pissing off incompetence is a good thing. Coach Montgomery's tenure with the Warriors has just been incompetent.
If you're a Kings fan you should be delighted. Muss continues the lineage of Warriors stars/ mediocres who went on to blossom up in hick town.

If you're a Warriors fan you can't help but cringe and blame the clowns who conveniently couldn't find a pen.

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