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Daily Play Hype #24: The FINALS

Last night in Phoenix ended the Western Conference Semi Finals with the Dallas Mavericks pulling out their most important W, ever. As most of you probably saw, Dirk and the Mavs solidified that they are deserving of the chance for a ring.

To be perfectly honest with you ... I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. I was paranoid that it would be the Spurs and Pistons in the finals again, causing me to drink exlax for entertainment. Now, I can enjoy what should be a very entertaining series on Atma's HD tv.

Mav's vs. Heat

Here are my top ten reasons why this should be a great series:

  1. More unnecessary and grammatically incorrect quotes from the big Aristotle.
  2. Seeing Wade progress into Wade-tacular.
  3. Enjoying the thought of Kobe being jealous of Shaq!
  4. Chance to see Riley cry ... why does that excite me?
  5. Bring on the Mavs and Heat cheerleaders ... yea I said it!
  6. Chance for Oakland native Gary to finally win a ring?
  7. Finally good old fashion fun basketball ... seriously.
  8. Series happens around the greatest Sporting event in the world ... the World Cup !
  9. Hoping a big fight would break out between Dampy and Shaq, causing Avery Johnson to grab a hold of Shaq's leg and being tossed around like Van Gundy. Now that would be funny.
  10. Hoping Mark Cuban goes ballistic, runs to center of court, rips off shirt and does the milkshake dance like the Family guy.

Get this video and more at

Annoying at times ... he's the most entertaining NBA Owner around!

So who is going to win? I'd like to hear from you.


Who will win the Finals?

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