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SFist continues their great Warriors coverage with The Warriors: Down and Out in Old Monterrey. Definitely check their Warriors archives too. SFist is a nice spot on the web to peep the latest in the Bay.

You have to love their stance on the non-signing clowns:

The jack in ticket prices is the second in the last three years, and the Warrior faithful are not happy about it. And we can't really blame them. Attendance has been surging the last few years as the Bay Area has rallied around the hometown franchise, but the payoff has been less than satisfying. Back-to-back 34-48 seasons and a playoff drought that just won't end. Owner Chris Cohan and crew have quite the huevos muchos grandes to think that Bay Area fans should actually be paying more for their chance to see NBA futility.

Show them some GSoM luv!

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