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NBA Draft 2006: Grading the Warriors

Grading a NBA team's performance immediately after a draft is complete guesswork. No one really knows how a newly drafted player is going to stack up against NBA competition, how they'll fit in with their new team, or how they'll work out in the long run. It makes sense to hand out grades 3-5 years after the draft.

NBA Draft grades right after a draft are 100% nonsense, but they're 100% fun.

#26 The Chef and #7 Kosta Coast!

Here's how two respected experts graded the Warriors:

Brendan McGovern from Pro Basketball:

So the Warriors aren't crazy! After not working out a single center despite the obvious need, Golden State went to the 7-foot well twice. OK, drafting two guys without that up-close inspection? That might be a little crazy after all. Furthermore, when you consider how much time Patrick O'Bryant will require to develop into even a serviceable center and the self-serving environment in Golden State, we can't think of a worse fit for both parties. Grade: C-

Steve Kerr from Yahoo! Sports:

D The NBA is undergoing a transformation and is being dominated by quick, versatile swingmen. Why go with 7-footer Patrick O'Bryant when guys like Ronnie Brewer, Rodney Carney, Thabo Sefalosha and J.J. Redick are available? This was a "need" pick for the Warriors, as was second-round center Kosta Perovic, but to me, there's not that much need for 7-foot projects these days. The game is too fast.

It's your turn to hand out a grade for the Warriors (in the poll to the right) and say why in the diary to the right.

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