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Grey's Anatomy meets GSW

"Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop."--Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy.

This quote seem to completely capture how Warrior fans have felt about their 'beloved' team for the last dozen years.  I've been finally catching up with Grey's Anatomy; I admit I'm slow on the uptake when it comes to television.  The reality show boom of the early 21st century completely alienated me from most television programming for a few years.  It seems like it wasn't until recently that a whole slew of well-written dramas; yet only in the last month have I begun to realize what I've been missing!  I--along with many other 20 something year olds--have taken a liking to Grey's Anatomy--an hour long show on ABC that follows the lives of 20 something surgical interns and the drama that unfolds in their lives.  Yet, unlike most dramas of the hospital genre, Grey's Anatomy is more concerned with the psychic realities of their personal lives that also manifest themselves in the situations that occur with their patients.  So universal humanistic questions of "what is doing the right thing?" or "why we punish ourselves" get played out in different scenarios with the interns, the head surgeons, and their patients.  In a nutshell, less medicine, more drama!

When watching GA, I couldn't help but noticing so many similarities to the themes, characters of the show and the relation to the GS Warriors.  Day in and day out we dissect the Warriors news, rumors, game plans, etc. to better understand the "anatomy" of the Warriors as a whole, in hopes that the management will actually listen to its fans wishes (cheaper food damnit!).  But also, as fans, we pick apart players we hate and stand by the players we love.  I have compared some of our Warriors to a character I thought they most resembled on the show.  Perhaps these comparisons will help us diagnose who we should keep or trade.

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Meredith Grey

stop whining! and lay off the boxtox...

The lead character and narrator of the show, Meredith Grey is a young intern who' comes from some of the best academic bloodlines -- mother Ellis Grey was a hot shot half of fame surgeon that everyone knows about and father too was also involved with medicine.   Although living under her mother's shadow--as we learn that her mother was somewhat absent in her upbringing, Meredith has struggled to find her own identity.  Further pressuring her internship experience is her love affair with Dr. Derek Shepperd.  Although not entirely her fault, her inability to deal with Derek in the work place has left her a torn and worn out--emotionally that is.  Possibly the most annoying character on the show.

Player that exemplies Meredith the most:  Mike Dunleavy

Although Dunleavy is far from the focal point of the Warriors organization, he has definitely been discussed to death as perhaps another bust in the Warriors draft history.  Commentators have noted that he lacks confidence and is still finding his game (like Meredith), but is unable to take matters into his own hands.  Like Meredith who blames her ho tendencies as a product of her search for to fill the void that Shepperd has left in her life, Dunleavy constantly shirks responsibilities for his poor performances onto others, blaming others (i.e. Boom Dizzle) for the W's poor outings.  Incredibly whiny as noted by his quotables and he argues with Warrior fans in the middle of games.  What a drama queen!

George O' Malley

Hugh Hefner of Medicine

The baby-facced intern nervously stumbles through his internship but often gets things done.  Incredibly bright with his work, but completely inept with women.  Extremely charming and cares for his friends.  Willing to put his friends first as evidenced by his loyal antics--telling girlfriend Dr. Torres to respect his friends in addition to helping Izzy perform some illegal stuff to get her boyfriend a heart transplant.  Plus, he's slept with Meredith, a nurse named Olivia and is currently sleeping with Dr. Torres.  Blond, redheads, and even Latinas, Malley is an equal opportunity lover. This young man has GAME!

Player that exemplies George:  Monta Ellis

Although Ellis is by no means nervous or immature on the court (actually he seems rather confident), his pimply faced, fresh-outta-high school looks seems most like George in terms of spirit and passion for the game.  A young guy (only 19) that plays extremely hard on both ends, this guy has a bright future ahead of him.


like Carl Thomas sang with Faith Evans, "So Emotional..."

Izzy is a highly compassionate person that translates into great "bed-side manners" (Dr. to Patient relations) with patients.  One of Izzy's best attributes is that she is able to relate to patients and help deal with potentially high-risk surgeries in comforting ways.  However, this is also one of her pitfalls.  Unable to divorce herself emotionally from patients, it often costs her emotional distress and prevents her from doing the right things--medically.  In the season finale, Izzy finagles her way to getting a heart transplant for her boyfriend, who happens to be patient she met while on duty.  Despite getting the heart and potentially getting kicked out of the program for the stunt she pulled to get the heart, her boyfriend lives all of 2 days and dies due to other complications.  Izzy then quits understanding that she isn't cut out for this type of work.

Player that exemplies Izzy:  Adonal Foyle

Atma Brother once said that Foyle needs to spend less time on outside passions, such as poetry and democracy matters (even though democracy does in fact matter), and maybe his skills would improve since he's put up the same mediocre #s over the years: approx 20mpg, 4ppg 5.5 rpg 2 bpg and 4 pf a game.  Foyle's passions has made him a good PR man for the Warriors as a person that cares about the community and social services.  The NBA Read to Achieve commercial pictures Foyle teaching young kids the joys of reading.  Extremely good with words, but completely inept when it comes to handling basketballs or his real job for that matter.

Cristina Yang

the best robot in television since Bender of "Futurama"

The overachiever ivy leaguer, Cristina Yang, is highly competitive.  A hard worker with perfectionist attitudes, Yang has breezed through higher education flawlessly and isn't afraid to let the competition know it.  Her experiences at Seattle Grace hospital, however, have exposed some of her current shortcomings and often times her know-it-all attitude based on her stellar academic career prior has led her to make rash, not thought out decisions with her patients.  She still has a long way to go.

Player that exemplifies Yang most:  Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher's career with the Lakers couldn't have inflated his ego anymore, could it?  Playing along side Kobe and Shaq can do wonders for your game, just ask D-Wade who won a championship this past season (not saying he couldn't do it alone... but...).  Considered a sharp and clutch shooter and having won several championships with the Lakers, Fisher was touted as a "winner" and "leader." Despite all these accolades, Fisher has yet to live up to expectations, as evidenced by his play with the Warriors.  Remember when the Warriors nabbed Jason Caffey, the undersized powerforward, who was drafted by the Chicago Bulls?  Everyone considered Caffey to be a stud because he trained with studs like Jordan and Pippen.  The theory of game through osmosis is myth.  A solid pro and good back up PG, thoughts about Fisher and perhaps Fisher's play on the court seems to glamorized by his past over what he's really worth.

Alex Correv

don't hate the player, hate the game

An enigmatic and incredibly sexist intern whose cocky frat. boy swagger tend to turn people off immediately.  Surprisingly, his smooth talking game tends to win over detractors despite what they might have said.  Correv's internship has been rocky as he has made costly errors--misdiagonses--leading to the death of several patients.  Hot one moment, cold the next, Correv has shown to be a good friend and teamplayer if you get to know him.

Player that exemplifies Correv the most: Mickael Pietrus

Pietrus' erratic yet explosive play off the bench has pegged him as one of the most exciting Warriors.  Yet his inconsistency and poor decision making has led to many suspect and at times, well deserved benchings.  Yet, despite these shortcomings, Pietrus is a good teamplayer and has continues to participate in Warrior functions off-the-court.  

Dr. Preston Burke

voted one of tv's sexiest men by TV Guide.  you can see why!"

Preston is an extremely hardworking, well accomplished surgeon who hardly makes mistakes.  Towards the end of the 2nd season, Burke claims to Yang that he was never the smartest in school and being a surgeon didn't come naturally; but after much practice, he became pretty damn good.  At the same time, Preston is also somewhat of a robot: lives life extremely regimented.  Keeps his mind, body, soul, and home extremely disciplined by mandatory early morning workouts, constantly cleaning his home, cooking every meal, etc. etc.  What sounds like a routine is mildly OCD on tv.

Player that best exemplifies Preston:  Troy Murphy

Murphy has improved every year since he was drafted and continues to be a serviceable PF.  Somewhat slow and hardly flashy, Murphy works hard and gets the job done quietly with his ability to step outside and drive to the hoop.  Murphy hardly shows any emotions--making him somewhat robotic like his game.  

The Nazi, Dr. Bailey

complicated representations

The senior intern, Dr. Bailey, is a loud, demanding, workhorse of a surgeon who sacrifices her body and mind for the needs of her patients, hospital, and interns (just check out season II where she is still working when 8 months pregnant!).  Although seemingly apathetic to her co-workers at times, Bailey finds ways of comforting them when they need it.  She is somewhat of a problematic character, as if a 21st century "Mammy."

Player that most exemplifies Dr. Bailey: Jason Richardson

No, Richardson is not a short, stocky Black woman, but he has proven to be the most dependable Warrior for the last 2-3 years.  Coming back from every off-season with new skills, Richardson has established himself as the go-to-guy on the team. Although probably best suited to be number #2 man on any team, Richardson has shown leadership skills to carry his team and his desire to win is undeniable.  Yet he still lacks that killer instinct and tenacity that Bailey demands from her interns.  

Dr. Derek Shepperd

a bad boy of medicine if I have ever seen one

Derek Sheppered, the male lead of the show, is a hot shot surgeon who doesn't necessarily go by the books.  Hardly confrontational, the charming Shepperd often works off instinct going against the orders of other surgeons, interns, and of course, his wife.  Not afraid to share his feelings, we often catch Shepperd waxing poetics about his life, dreams, and desires (for Meredith Grey). Brought in to be the face of the surgery dept. once the Chief retires, it is Shepperd's job to lose at this point.

Player that most exemplifies Dr. Derek Shepperd: Baron Davis

The Warriors will go as far as Baron Davis will take them.  By far the most talented player on the team, Davis possesses the skills to be an All-NBA teamer if he wanted to.  As we've noticed, however, Davis isn't too fond of plays and Montgomery isn't one to tell his superstar what to do.  Many, teammate included, have complained that Davis has tendencies to play a little too loosely ("street ball", according to Dunsucky).  However, Davis isn't afraid to discuss his vulnerabilities to the media, as he has assumed responsibility for the teams outcome this season in addition to apologizing for his play.

Now knowing which Warrior corresponds with a specific character (perhaps one you hate or one you love), do any of these players seems more tradeable or valuable than before?  How should we proceed further with free agency?  Perhaps a Meredith Grey, Alex Correv for KG deal in the near future???

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