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Rumor: Warriors in Deep Pursuit of Al Harrington

From Janny Hu of

With the Warriors expected to finalize their trade of Derek Fisher to the Jazz today, their attention turns from subtracting payroll to increasing it. The Warriors are deep in pursuit of Hawks forward Al Harrington, but their attempts to get him hinge on working out a sign-and-trade deal with Atlanta, with Denver emerging as a possible third team. Though Harrington said this week his preference is to join Golden State or Indiana, he cannot receive more than the mid-level exception -- which was set at $5.2 million Tuesday -- from either team without first signing a more lucrative deal with the Hawks. Andy Miller, Harrington's agent, said there was "no update" on his client, but a court ruling Tuesday gives the Hawks more flexibility to move him. The team is permitted to sign free agents for up to four years instead of the one-year restriction issued last week.
Also from Martin McNeal of
Golden State is trying to bring Harrington to California in a sign-and-trade deal with the Hawks. However, an ownership conflict in Atlanta is likely headed to court and could gum up the works.
If it's going to take a trade to bring Harrington to the Warriors, then someone has to go. Rumors have circulated that it's Troy Murphy and Mickael Pietrus. That seems like a little too much especially given that their strong points (T Double for rebounding and MP2 for defense) are the Warriors' weaknesses. Harrington would be a great improvement at the small forward spot, but remember he's no better than an average starter.

What sign-and-trade packages can you put together to bring Al Harrington to the Bay?

For more on Al "Lipton" Harrington see:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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