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NBA Draft 2006: Warriors Nations' Grade for the Warriors

The votes are in! It's been 2 weeks since the Warriors selected the twin projects in the 2006 NBA Draft: Patrick O'Bryant aka The Chef with the #9 pick and Kosta Perovic aka Kosta Coast with the #38 pick.

Overall, Warriors Nation gave the Warriors a C for the 2006 Draft. Over half of you gave the Dubs a B or C. You have to wonder if the Warriors would have gotten a higher grade from Warriors Nation if they went local and took either Cal's Leon Powe or Stanford's Chris Hernandez instead of Kosta.

If you haven't already, drop a reason for you grade in the Your Grade for the Warriors' 2006 Draft and Why thread.

Let's hope the Warriors come through for us in the 2007 NBA Draft and draft Yi Jian Lian. That would guarantee them an A+!

Thanks to all 435 of you who voted! That's a record turnout for a Golden State of Mind poll.

We'll put up a new poll tomorrow when hopefully a trade goes down for the Warriors. Maybe the Derek Fisher (see Report Card) to the Jazz trade will finally materialize and we can all vote on it.

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