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Rumor: Harrington for Murphy + MP2 or 3 team deal

Two trades  that work that net the Warriors Al Harrington from Sekou Smith of

* Sign-and-trade Harrington to Golden State for Troy Murphy and Mickael Pietrus. Murphy is expensive ($10 million per season over the next five years) but he rebounds (averaging 10.4 the past two seasons) and hits jumpers from 17 feet. Pietrus is the deal sweetener. Much like his friend and French countryman Boris Diaw, the athletic swingman is poised for a breakout season in the right situation and should be eager to prove himself in a contract year.

* A three-team deal that would send Harrington to Golden State, Murphy to Milwaukee and Jamaal Magloire to the Hawks. Magloire's expiring contract ($8.3 million this season) works perfectly for a Hawks team that seeks to maintain its salary-cap flexibility. And he's the veteran bruiser they lacked last season. Magloire has helped anchor the middle for playoff teams in New Orleans and Milwaukee.

Since the Warriors seem dead set on trading for Harrington, the second option that Smith offers is much better deal for the Warriors. The Dubs should try to keep Pietrus rather than giving him away for free. Pietrus (see recent Report Card) has the talent. He just needs the experience and proper coaching. He's more valuable than the Warriors (mis)management probably thinks. Also, why sell low on MP2? That's just bad business.

Which of these two proposals do you prefer?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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