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Rumor: 8 Team, 9 Player Super Trade brings Allen Iverson to the Warriors

Just for fun, here's a super trade from Eze:

According to multiple sources, in a story broken by Sacramento's Grant Napier on Tuesday evening sports radio, owners and general managers are scrambling to put the finishing touches on a massive 8 team trade. Originally slated to include 6 teams and 16 players two other clubs jumped in on the action Wednesday night bringing the total players involved to as many as 19.

The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers may go down as the franchise who started it all with their heavy shopping of guard Allen Iverson. Golden State is rumored to be the new home of the electric guard who has NBA Finals experience, an All-Star game MVP trophy, and a league leader in scoring to his credit. Golden State is set to send out forward Troy Murphy in the deal.

You can read about all of the details of this crazy trade rumor over at EBSports.

What would you bet are the chances of a 8 team trade ever happening in the NBA?

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99% of rumors never happen, but you can be 100% certain that this one doesn't!

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