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Rumor: Troy Murphy + Mickael Pietrus + Chris Taft for Al Harrington + Tyronn Lue

From Sean Deveney of The Sporting News:

Golden State sends Troy Murphy, Mickael Pietrus and Chris Taft to Atlanta for Al Harrington (sign-and-trade) and Tyronn Lue.

The finances: Murphy is slated to make just over $8 million this year and $50 million over the next five. Pietrus will make $2.5 million and is eligible for an extension this summer. Taft makes just $660,000. Lue will make about $7 million over the next two seasons, while Harrington would need to sign a contract starting around $8 million to make the numbers work.

Why it helps the Warriors: Something along the lines of this proposal seems imminent. As much as Golden State benefits from Murphy's rebounding and shooting range, the team needs a low-post scorer. Murphy devolved -- much like the others on his team -- into a long-range chucker last year, shooting 2.4 3-pointers per game and making just 32 percent of them. Harrington is a skilled back-to-the-basket scorer who, though not the rebounder Murphy is, should help shore up the Warriors' inside game. Golden State also must be cost-conscious. They plan to play Monta Ellis more, which means they'll have to pay him by 2008. They probably can't afford to keep the talented-but-frustrating Pietrus. Lue's contract, up after next year, will create salary space to sign Ellis.

Why it helps the Hawks: Atlanta is prepared to lose Harrington. Depth in the frontcourt is needed -- their big men are Zaza Pachulia, Marvin Williams and Shelden Williams -- and Murphy provides rebounding, plus offensive versatility. He needs to cool off on the 3-point tries, but he does have shooting range and room to improve. He could be an All-Star in the East, eventually. Pietrus and Taft are both decent young players who might do well with some playing time. The Hawks would like to deal Josh Smith, and having Pietrus aboard would make him unnecessary.

If this is what it takes to land Al Harrington, then the Warriors should set their sights on someone else. Harrington is a definite improvement over Mike Dunleavy at the 3 spot, but moving TMurph means Ike will have to start along side Mr. Lipton. Pietrus is a much better player with higher upside than Tyron Lue, who you can think of as the poor man's Monta Ellis. Lue probably wouldn't play much for the Warriors if he came over here.

The Dubs shouldn't break the bank for Al Harrington.

Al Harrington and Ike Diogu don't seem like they'd be a good fit for each other. They'd probably get in each other's way. If anything it seems like a better idea to try playing Murphy and Diogu together. Their inside-outside games could complement each other very well. Not much defense, but they can both score and contribute unlike current starters Mike Dunleavy and Adonal Foyle.

Let's hope the Warriors don't just make a trade for the sake of making a trade and selling more tickets. Now, if the Warriors could move Dunleavy or Foyle for Al Harrington, then it's a completely different story.

Would you trade Troy Murphy, Mickael Pietrus, and Chris Taft to Hotlanta for Al Harrington and Tyron Lue?

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