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Rumor: Iverson Will Play for Warriors

Allen Iverson had a press conference yesterday as part of his annual charity softball event. Of course, the gossip hungry reporters (not that we aren't guilty of that either!) couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask AI about all of the trade rumors.

AI's as loyal as a dog and as expected said the following:

"I want to be a Sixer, I have said that since Day 1"

The good news for fans of other NBA squads is that he also said:

"But if I am not wanted, then I definitely don't want to be a Sixer and I am willing to start my career all over."

The great news for Warrior fans is that Iverson also noted:

"As long they don't send me to the CBA, I'll play for any team"

Hey guess what? THE WARRIORS ARE ANY TEAM! The Dubs are a small step above the CBA too! Iverson will play here and play hard.

Do you really think that if you teamed up Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, and Jason Richardson, who are all hungry for the playoffs, have something to prove, and maybe even have a little chip on their shoulder, the Warriors wouldn't make the playoffs? The Warriors could start Monta Ellis at the Center spot and newly acquired Devin Brown at the 4 with that threesome. They're making playoffs. No question. Nothing's stopping them. Not even the clowns. It's a no-brainer, just like the Warriors' (mis)management.

Chris and Rod make it happen... Chris and Rod make it happen... Chris and Rod make it happen... Chris and Rod make it happen... Chris and Rod make it happen...

Estimate the chances that the Warriors would make the playoffs with The Answer, Boom Dizzle, and JRich playing together.

I say... ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLLARS- muhuahahahaha! Oh wait, sorry I'm watching Austin Powers on DVD. I meant to say One Triple-Oh!

Even Dr. Evil's no match for a Boom-Rich-Answer trio!  [image from]

Final thought: Loyal Golden State of Mind reader DaAzNJRiCh noted that recently waived Will Bynum's jersey is number #3. Guess which soon to be traded 76er sports #3 also?

Wait, don't answer! Instead pray for The Answer.

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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