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The Yi Movement Continues...

Greg Oden who? Kevin Durant who? Joakim Noah who?


In the 2007 NBA Draft it's going to be all about Chinese balla Yi Jian Lian.

Here's the latest on The Yi Movement from Chad Ford of ESPN about what should be a stellar 2007 draft class:

The most intriguing name may be China's Jianlian Yi. Yi is the best Chinese prospect since Yao Ming. He has a great deal of experience playing in international competitions and at the highest level in China, and he is an excellent athlete and a skilled offensive player. China has been reluctant to release him to the NBA, but we're hearing next year could be the year.

Next year could also be OUR year!

Yi throwing it down... FROM HALF COURT!

Do you think the Warriors are going to end up with a top 10 pick in next year's draft?

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