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Rumor: Sixers want Troy Murphy or Jason Richardson for Allen Iverson

From David Aldridge of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Sixers surely realize that teams are trying to rip them off at the moment, and will only get serious when their own seasons begin to blow up - a realization that usually takes hold around Christmas or so.

Maybe, if the Warriors have gone south again, Golden State might cave in and give Philly what it wants - either Troy Murphy or Jason Richardson.

If all it takes is Troy Murphy plus some overrated youth to bring in Allen Iverson then Chris and Rod would be insane not to pull the trigger and make this deal happen. If it takes Jason Richardson, then it's understandable why they might not ok the deal. JRich is the heart and soul of this team. Trading away this classy, true warrior would be sending the wrong message. Hoops-wise it's a no brainer to move JRich for Iverson, but PR-wise it would be awful... Don Nelson vs. Chris Webber awful.

The Warriors have been lacking star power for the past decade plus. AI fills the seats and fits into a Western Conference All Star jersey. Some are worried about how The Answer, B Diddy, and Rich would fit together since they all seem to need the ball. Don't worry about that at all. All 3 of these guys have something to prove and want to win badly. They'll make it happen.

Make THIS happen!

Forget the baby steps of bringing in Al Harrington and trading away Derek Fisher in a contract dump. Allen Iverson is one giant step forward for this pitiful franchise, which we all adore for some unknown reason. Remember, Allen will play here.

Would you trade Troy Murphy plus some youth for Allen Iverson? How about Jason Richardson?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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