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2003 Draft Class Extensions

John Hollinger over at ESPN recently covered the 2003 draft class (LeBron, Wade, Melo, Bosh) and who should and should not receive contract extensions (ESPN Insider required). Those who don't sign extensions will be come restricted free agents at the end of the season.

Two of our Warriors are on the list, Mickael Pietrus (see recent Report Card) and Zarko Cabarkapa.

On Pietrus, he's under the "Don't call us, we'll call you" section.

His 2005-06 was a crushing disappointment, and it now seems like he'll never turn the corner offensively. Nonetheless, he has a chance at getting paid because he lives in The Land of Crazy Extensions, where Chris Mullin set the bar for silliness the past two summers with Dunleavy's $45 million deal and Troy Murphy's $60 million contract. I'd bet on sanity prevailing this time.

On Zarko, he's under the "Don't call us. Don't fax us. Don't even e-mail us" section.

Not even Golden State would be foolish enough to grant a big-money extension based on Cabarkapa's iffy play last season. Without a wholesale defensive improvement and much more accurate shooting (38.5 percent in 2005-06), he'll be back in Europe in another year.

In both cases, an extension would be absolutely crazy. Neither has proved himself worthy of a contract extension, but as Hollinger stated, Golden State is the "Land of Crazy Extensions" so Chris and Rod might baffle us again.

For the upcoming year, what do you expect out of these two and will either be on the team in 2 years?

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