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REPORT CARD: Zarko Cabarkapa

Zarko Cabarkapa. Funny looking Euro, funny looking bball game. Contends for the best name on the Warriors. How fun is it to say Zarko or Cabarkapa or just Zarko Cabarkapa all at once, and then three times in a row? Anyways, he's eligible for a contract extension, but Mullin would have to be an idiot to give it to him. Interesting to see if he'll be used as trade bait this year as an expiring contract.

Now that's a good lookin' man. (Photo:

That's the Zarko I know. (Photo:

A Zarko highlight on YouTube?! The title said "Zarko Cabarkapa Dunk" and I just assumed he was getting dunked on. But after watching the clip he actually throws it down emphatically and gets fouled. Richard Jefferson, you just got posterized (I'm ordering my Zarko poster right now).

Overall Grade: D

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: D)
Honestly, Zarko didn't get fair chance to play this past season even though Mike Dunleavy struggled big time and Mickael Pietrus played terrible without Baron. If Claritin can help cure his allergies to defense, Zarko might be able to become a formidable role player in this league. If not, then well you can bet your last Cabarkapa that the Warriors will sign him to a ridiculous long term contract.

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: D-)
Expendable.  Zarko places his best when the Warriors are blowing some other team out.  Although his height and athleticism are intriguing, his erratic play and incessant desire to be a point guard make him and Pietrus the worst decision making combo east of the Knicks.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: D)
I just don't understand the upside people say this guy has saying he's a big man who can dribble and shoot. After watching him, yes he is a big man who can dribble and shoot, he just doesn't do it that well. He's slow, plays no defense and looks lost on the court. At the beginning of the year season ticket holder orientation, Nate Thurmond told me he was going to breakout (along with Dun Dun). The only breaking out he did was on his face. I look forward to Nate's breakout candidates next year.

Hash (Grade: D+)
Zarko didn't really get his fair time in the limelight this season, but from what little I saw, I was not impressed. From what I can tell from what I saw, he does not look as though he has the ability to become a solid contributor. But since he has a dope ass hard to pronounce name, I gave him a D PLUS.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: D)
Who's wearing their Cabarkapa? Hopefully not the warriors next season!

What's your grade for Zarko?

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