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Chance for SJ Sonics or SJ (Fill in the Blank)?

The Mercury News is reporting that it's still a possibility for the Sonics to be moving to San Jose.

The latest bit of intrigue was a report in the Oklahoman, citing anonymous sources, that Larry Ellison bid $425 million for the Seattle SuperSonics with the intention of bringing them here. Sonics owners said they chose the Oklahoma investors' $350 million bid because it offered a better chance of keeping the team in Seattle.
But the City Council's Aug. 8 agenda includes ``discussion of the San Jose Arena contract as related to a potential National Basketball Association franchise.''

...some City Council members don't know the contract clause about the city and the Sharks working together to land an NBA franchise.

``It's probably a very good thing to do because it may be that there are other possibilities out there, other NBA franchises, if not immediately then in the near future,'' McFadden said.

So it looks like if the Sonics don't make it here, San Jose is pushing for an NBA franchise, whether it be a relocated one or an expansion one.  Let's hope the NBA can bring another team to the Bay Area. Not only will it give the Warriors some competition for fans, but the Bay Area might actually get an NBA playoff team before 2015.

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