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Warriors Concede Defeat in Al Harrington Dealings

The sign-and-trade between the Pacers and Hawks for Al Harrington is not yet officially a done deal, but Marc Stein of notes that the Warriors have conceded that Harrington is not coming to the Bay:

Harrington's return to the Indiana Pacers via sign-and-trade with the Atlanta Hawks, according to various NBA front-office sources, is widely seen as a done deal.

Perhaps the strongest indication that a formal announcement is forthcoming from Indianapolis is the fact that the Pacers' main competition for Harrington is no longer courting the versatile forward.

The Golden State Warriors, sources said, have conceded defeat in the Harrington chase, fully expecting the 26-year-old to join the Pacers in a swap with Atlanta that would net Harrington a six-year contract worth just under $57 million.

Are the Pacers overpaying for Al? Sure, but would you rather have Al Harrington at 9.5 million a year, Troy Murphy at 10 million a year, or Mike Dunleavy at 8.8 million a year?

For more of the Pro's and Con's of the Warriors missing out on Al Harrington see Warriors Strike Out: Al Harrington Traded to the Indiana Pacers

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