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REPORT CARD: Monta Ellis

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Up next is the 2nd rounder who came straight out of high school, Monta Ellis. He bruised his knee right before this year's Vegas Summer League started, but should be in full force for training camp.

Monta Ellis Rookie Mix by nes1us

Monta Ellis by juliandude

Overall Grade: A

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: A+)
A lot of second round picks don't even make the teams that drafted them, but Monta turned out to be the best high schooler from the 2005 draft. This kid's lightening quick and has the potential to be a rich man's Tony Parker. Eva Longoria's man in 2008... Count on it!

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: A)
Kid impresses everyone.  Has the ability to get his own shot whenever he wants.  Seems to enjoy playing defensive!  Overly reliant on his right hand.  Once he gets the left down, watch out.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: A)
Fearless, quicker than quick, causes trouble on defense, and is flat out fun to watch. He started slow but in the second half of the season, he really blossomed. Of all the players on the roster, he's the one I'm looking forward to seeing next year. If he bulks up this summer so he doesn't have a 12 year old body anymore and works on his jumper he's going to be a great asset off the bench.

Hash (Grade: A-)
I might as well copy and paste Ike's grade here because I think both of them showed so many glimmers of potential this year. Monta on the other hand has some pretty insane speed and a ninja-quick first step. And he damn sure used it to break a few ankles. I can't wait to see more of this kid.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: A)
Don't ever tell him he's too small. Because I'll kick you! No one really knew what to expect out of Ellis but I'll tell you he's my new favorite Warrior! I'm hoping he starts by mid next year =)

What's your grade for Monta?

High-5's all around for the "A" from the GSoM crew.

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