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For the last few months, Chris Mullin has been telling us that major changes in the organization are forthcoming.  Turns out, Mullin is in fact blowing up the team and expects a more explosive, hip-hop oriented game!

No one knew that he was really talking about the Warrior girl dance squad.  

NFL Cheerleaders Blog, perhaps the premier site on professional sports cheerleaders (with EXCLUSIVE photos), reports that the Golden State Warriors have announced their 2006-07 dance team.   Originally slated to have 21 dancers, this squad only has an unlucky thirteen.  And missing from this new group are some of the veterans that we at GSoM feel have really come to define this dance team in the last few years and from the rest of the NBA dance teams.  Defined in what way?  Simply put:


But why the major chances?  Headed by new dance director Susan Hovey, once in charge of the Seattle Super Sonics dance squad, will be implementing radical changes to put the Warrior girls on the map.

Hovey is quoted as saying in Alejandro Alfonso's recent article on about the Warrior girl tryouts that:

"We're going in a new direction, so we decided everyone needs to start with a clean slate," Hovey said. "It worked really well in Seattle and it's hip-hop and mainstream, I like the Pussycat Dolls style."

When she says, "Pussycat Dolls", is she referencing the mildly talented singing group?  To me, that particular structure--one super hottie followed by a rag tag bunch of backup dancers and singers who look purposely ugly to emphasize the lead singer as the lead--does not seem to be formula for success.  For the last few years, the Warriors dance team has looked as deep and solid as the Detroit Piston's starting five.  However, the loss of key honeys, I mean dancers, is possibly equivalent to the loss of Ben Wallace.  

Warrior fans on this site have questioned the skills of previous Warrior girl dance teams, complaining that their routines have been sloppy and worth missing for a hot dog run.  Perhaps these new changes are exactly what they need?  Perhaps Mullin cares about the Warrior girls as much as we do.  Will this go down as one of Mullin's best moves or will it merely be blunder to add to his list?

Introducing your 2006-07 Warrior girls dance team:

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