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Rumor: 7-1 Odds on Allen Iverson for T-Double, Ike, MP2, and Zarko

John Hollinger dropped five possible Allen Iverson trade scenarios in a recent piece for ESPN Insider. He placed 7-1 odds on the Warriors bringing in The Answer for Troy Murphy, Ike Diogu, Mickael Pietrus, and Zarko Cabarkapa. Some other packages Hollinger offered were subbing in Andris Biedrins for Pietrus or Monta Ellis plus either Keith McLeod or Andre Owens for MP2. If the package for AI contained McLeod or Owens it would have to be completed in October because of the 3 month rule for moving players after they've been already been traded.

Just call Allen Iverson Mr. MapQuest because he would instantly put the Warriors back on the NBA map. Like our main man Sam Rubenstein at the lengendary Slam Magazine said, it's all about Golden StAIte.

Allen Iverson on Slam Magazine
This Hoya Destroya belongs in the Yay Are-ya!

Would you make any of these trades for Allen Iverson? I'd make any of them faster than you can say "Boom-Answer-Rich". I'd even throw in some JRich gators!

More mAInia:

99% of rumors never happen, but you can be 100% certain that I'll cry like Adam Morrison if the Warriors snatch Allen Iverson from the Six-Six-Sixers... tears of joy that is!

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