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Rumor: M(urphy) for M(agloire)

From Gery Woelfel of The Woelful World of Sports:

The Blazers are just one of several teams the Bucks have had discussions regarding Magloire. I was told earlier this week that Golden State could still be in the picture for Magloire as well. The Bucks have an interest in Warriors' big man Troy Murphy, although his lengthy contract - five years, $50 mliion - would appear to be a major hangup.
My guess is that the Warriors will miss out on Magloire and the Bucks and Blazers will end up pulling off the reportedly close Magloire for Steve Blake, Brian Skinner, and Ha Seung-Jin (Jin jerseys would be record sellers in the Bay by the way!) trade by the end of the weekend. Still, let's pretend the Warriors can pull off a Murphy for Magloire trade. Troy's a better player than Magloire overall, but here's why this trade would be make sense for the Warriors:
  • Although Magloire is far from a great player (see GSoM reader Clem's great diary on Jamaal Magloire and also laflyhalf's diary on the "Consolation Prize" from Milwaukee), he's a dramatic upgrade over incumbent center Adonal Foyle. Ike and Magloire might make for a decent 4/5 combo.
  • The last time a healthy B Diddy and Magloire played together they made the playoffs.
  • After this season Magloire's contract comes off the cap. Packaging Magloire's $9 million dollar expiring contract with the other expiring contracts the Warriors have might be enough to net a star player at the February 2007 trading deadline. The 2007 free agent class is also supposed to be pretty hot too (but that might have changed with the recent extensions that Paul Pierce, Lebron, DWade, and Melo signed).

Jamaal's down with The Informer! [photo from]

Would you move Troy Murphy for Jamaal Magloire? Do you think it would vault the Warriors into the playoffs?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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