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Warriors Strike Out Again: Jamaal Magloire Headed to the Portland Trailblazers

If Gery Woelfel of The Woelfel World of Sports is correct, it looks like the Warriors missed out on Jamaal Magloire:

The long-awaited trade of Jamaal Magloire is all but official.
The Bucks have verbally agreed to deal the veteran center to the Portland Trail Blazers for guard Steve Blake, forward Brian Skinner and center Ha Seung-Jin. The teams have been talking for the last several weeks, with the only holdup being the Blazers' reluctance to depart with Blake, who had been the team's starting point guard last season.

The trade hasn't been officially announced and, barring one of the players failing to pass a physical exam or some other unforeseen snag, won't be formally approved until Monday after all the necessary paperwork with the league office is completed.

The Bucks were rumored to be pretty interested in swapping Jamaal Magloire for Troy Murphy, but were hesitant because of Murph's remaining 50 million on another "brilliant" Chris and Rod extension. Hoops-wise Troy Murphy is infinitely better than Skinner, Blake, and Jin. The Warriors are finding it difficult to improve via trade not because other teams don't want their talented pieces, but because of the silly, long term contracts they handed out to a group of players that just don't fit well together.

How do you feel about the Warriors missing out on Jamaal Magloire?

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