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Rumor: Bulls Shopping Tyson Chandler for Troy Murphy

From Chris McCosky of The Detroit News:

They [the Chicago Bulls] have been shopping 7-footer Tyson Chandler around the league in hopes of getting a more offensive-minded big man, perhaps someone like Golden State's Troy Murphy or Utah's Carlos Boozer

Troy Murphy is superior to Tyson Chandler offensively, but Chandler is superior to Murphy on the defensive end. If this were to go down for the Warriors it would be a trade for defense. Another drawback with Tyson is that he shows some of the same one minute man syndrome that plagues the Warriors' Andris Biendrins. Chandler's 3.8 fouls in under 27 minutes of play is a big red flag. Still, Tyson's only 24 and could be the next Ben Wallace. Everyone likes playing with an enforcer.

When not drawing fouls, Tyson is an inside FORCE

Would you trade defensively challenged Troy Murphy for offensively challenged Tyson Chandler?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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