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Rumor: Al Harrington Genuinely Interested in Warriors

From Sekou Smith of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The veteran forward and Hawks co-captain is an unrestricted free agent and said the Hawks have made it clear they have no intention of re-signing him. They could, however, re-sign him and then trade him.
The Indiana Pacers, the team Harrington left in a sign-and-trade two years ago to join the Hawks, and the Golden State Warriors are the teams making the most noise, Harrington said.

"I have a genuine interest in both of those teams," he said. "My only focus is getting back to the playoffs and eventually competing for a championship."

Whoa! A free agent who is actually interested in playing for the woeful Warriors? A free agent who is actually interested in playing for the woeful Warriors and wants to go to the playoffs and compete for a championship? Al might be little confused, but sign this guy immediately!

Al's good in the video games too!

This starting lineup would take the Warriors to the playoffs.
PG: Boom Dizzle
SG: JRich
SF: Al "Lipton" Harrington
PF: Troy Murphy
C: Let's not talk about this...

Don't ask me how Mullin and Higgins pull this off though.

Also see Rumor: Warriors Interested in Al Harrington for some more on Mr. Lipton.

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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