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Rumor: Chris Wilcox Sign-and-Trade to Warriors

From Gary Washburn of the Seatle PI:

If Wilcox cannot find another deep-pockets suitor, the Sonics could facilitate a sign-and-trade deal with another club -- Golden State appears interested -- or allow Wilcox to return under a one-year deal, similar to the scenario of Vladimir Radmanvoic, Reggie Evans and Flip Murray last season.

Chris Wilcox just isn't going to do much for the Warriors. This sign and trade would be pretty meaningless. If this is the only move Mullin and Higgins pull of this summer, let's just say the Warriors will see a ton of lottery balls come May.

In the past few days, the upstart New Orleans/ Oklahoma City Hornets have significantly upgraded their roster with Peja, Bobby Jackson, and most likely Tyson Chandler. Add that to the already 9-10 deep list of Western Conference squads that have stronger rosters than the Warriors. The Dubs need to pull off a huge trade or next season isn't going to be pretty.

Wilcox is a nice piece, but is he enough?

Do you think trading for Chris Wilcox is going to put the Warriors in the playoffs?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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