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Rumor: Bulls Don't Want Murphy's Long-Term Contract

From Sam Smith of

Despite Chandler's uneven play, he is well regarded, especially in the Western Conference, and the Bulls have gotten feelers for deals regarding Troy Murphy of Golden State, Marcus Camby of Denver and Carlos Boozer of Utah.

But all those players have long-term contracts, which could force the Bulls into giving up one of their so-called core players in the future to stay within the constraints of the salary cap and luxury tax.

Now that seems unlikely, and Brown paired with Wallace should also provide the benefit of more respect for the Bulls' young players with the referees and the presence of veteran defenders behind the perimeter players.

Things aren't looking so hot for the Warriors and their many rumored attempts to trade Power Forward Troy Murphy to the Bulls don't seem likely to happen.

It looks like Mullin and Higgins are just getting played like Nerf on the trade market. Other teams are just using them to up the bidding wars for their own pieces. If the Warriors can't pull off a major move this summer, the next best move they could make would be to fire Coach Montgomery and bring in a coach the players actually respect.

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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