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Happy 4th! + Latrell Sprewell: The American Dream

It's July 4th and it's time to celebrate the American Dream. You won't find any Horatio Alger propaganda here at Golden State of Mind. Instead you'll find a look back at former Warrior Latrell Sprewell, the self-proclaimed American Dream.

Spree was an amazing talent on the Warriors who made the All NBA 1st team during the 1996-97 season, while averaging 24ppg, 6 dimes, and 4.6 boards.  For younger Warrior fans who might have missed the Sprewell era in Oakland- think JRich with better passing ability and tenacious defense.

* Warning: If you're a hardcore Warrior fan these clips will make you cry and reminisce about what could have been for the past decade plus.

Latrell Sprewell- The American Dream from tmedny20 (via TrueHoop)

Also, check out Vintage Latrell Sprewell Mix by sickdunks

Let's rewrite history and say the PJ-Spree "incident" never happened and Latrell didn't have so much trouble feeding his family. Do you think the Warriors would have made the playoffs in the past decade?

Happy 4th from the GSM team!

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