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Rumor: Al Harrington's Agent Thinks the Warriors are a Stable Organization

From Janny Hu of

Harrington eyes Warriors: The agent of free-agent forward Al Harrington has identified Golden State and Indiana as teams for which he would like to play next season.

The salary-capped Warriors have only about $7 million to spend because of the midlevel and bi-annual exceptions.

Using even a small portion of those could push the Warriors into the luxury tax, so the only way to acquire Harrington without penalty is through a sign-and-trade deal with Atlanta.

The Hawks are under the salary cap and can sign Harrington, who made $7 million last year, to more money than any capped-out team. Harrington (6-foot-9, 245 pounds) averaged a career-best 18.6 points and 5.8 rebounds last season.

"(The Warriors are) definitely a viable option," Miller said. "It's a destination someone would be comfortable calling home -- dealing with a young team, obviously a very stable executive group and organization."

Miller, who also represents Warriors first-round pick Patrick O'Bryant, expected the market for Harrington to take form once the first tier of free agents was off the table.

Whoa! Al Harrington needs to fire his agent... yesterday. His agent thinks that the Warriors have a "very stable executive group and organization"? Does his agent know the first thing about the Warriors? I bet he doesn't know where the Dubs even play.

Both Iverson and his agent aren't a good fit for Al Harrington (image from 120 Proof Ball)

Actually, I take that back. 12 straight years of playoff futility? The Warriors are the most stable and consistent franchise in all of sports! They consistently suck starting from the top (see Missing Signatures, Rise to the Occasion, Interview with Warriors President Robert Rowell, and NBA Draft 2006: Chris Cohan is happy the draft isn't in the Bay).

My especially hyphy guess: Al Harrington and his agent are using the Warriors to up his offer from the Pacers. Al's family lives in the area and he's tight with Jermaine O'Neal.

For more on Al "Lipton" Harrington see:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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