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2007 NBA Draft: We want Yi Jian Lian!

Brendan McGovern from recently dropped his forecast for the 2007 NBA Draft.

You're probably thinking: "So? Who cares? It's a year away!"

Well, I'll tell you why. Our Golden State Warriors are predicted to take Yi Jian Lian in the lottery.


Yi Jian Lian is a 7 foot (and still growing) 230 pound big man tearing up the Chinese Basketball Association for the Guangdong Southern Tigers. This lefty once went 16 for 16 from the field and has a sweet trifecta.

Yi's Got GAME.


Think Yao Ming in the NBA Street video game. 100% nasty. A shot blocking force. A ferocious dunker. A game changer. It's everything Yao isn't in real life, but it's everything Yi could be.

Look at Yao flex. Hahaha, Yao's a softie compared to Yi!


Check out this scouting report by Gregg Doyel for CBS

The super-talented 16-year-old's name is Yi Jian Lian, and the part about "super-talented" is no lie. Yi is a 7-footer with amazing athletic ability, the closest thing China has ever come to producing a Kevin Garnett-type player.

Forget the next Yao Ming. Warriors Nation wants the next KG!

Yi already has a better shooting stroke than the One Minute Man!

"No way! Really?

Want further proof? Check out this Nike commercial:

Yi Jian Lian + Baron Davis aka Boom Dizzle + Jason Richardson aka JRich = Golden State Warriors NBA Champs in 2k8

"You got me. I want Yi!"

That's what I thought. It's time to start a new campaign in the Bay Area. Yi in 2k7... Yi in 2k7... Yi in 2k7... Yi in 2k7... Yi in 2k7...

Let's make this 100% clear for the historically inept (see Unofficial Warriors LIST of worst NBA moves ever and Worst Warrior moves ever) Warriors (mis)management:

We want Yi

Like Nike...

Yi has more ups than Team Thunder!

As the each free agent signing passes, as each trade goes down without the Warriors, as every Warrior rumor goes down the tube like Draino, as every Warrior scores poorly on their report card, as every Western Conference squad aside from the Warriors gets stronger, and as the Warriors screw up every NBA Draft, there's only one thing Warriors Nation can look forward to... Air Yi in 2k7.

Air Yi started this dunk from the 3 point line!

The Bay Area is home to two Chinatowns, tons of Ranch 99's, and millions of Asians (East, South, and Southeast- the Bay's got you covered!). Even if Yi averaged a quadruple single for his career he would be a local superstar. For an organization that thought drafting Adonal Foyle and Todd Fuller was safer than teaming up Jordan + Pippen 2.0, Yi Jian Lian is a safer draft pick than driving a Volvo. Nothing can go wrong!

As a Brown man I'm still mad I never got my Coliseum Curry Nights, but I have to admit a Yi The City jersey would be even hotter than those South Asian festivities. The 2002 NBA Draft wasn't just painful because the Warriors drafted bust Mike Dunleavy Jr., who later inked an absurd 44 million dollar contract (see 44 Reasons why giving Mike Dunleavy 44 million wasn't the brightest idea Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV), but because the Dubs got screwed by the ping pong balls and missed out on Yao Ming. We've got Nuttin' but Love for the man. We're all praying in Warriors Nation for history not to repeat itself. We want Yi and 2007 is going to be our (makeup) year.

Look at Yi help out Yao. Yi's a great teammate too!

Show Yi some luv!

Bring your Yi Jian Lian signs to the Arena in Oakland this season. If you're a season ticket holder make sure to let the Warriors know you want Yi.

Don't sleep on Air Yi!

The Yi Movement starts here...

Coming soon: Grey's Anatomy and the Golden State Warriors... Keep it locked on Golden State of Mind!

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