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Vonteego Cummings Spotting

Guess who's making a guest appearance on the New Jersey Nets' summer team? (via Fred Kerber of the NYPost):

The team also includes ex-Net Tamar Slay, their second-round pick in 2002, plus Pitt product Vonteego Cummings, who played with the Warriors and Sixers, and 6-foot-10 forward Jerome Beasley, who had a cameo with the Heat in 2003-04.

Vonteego of course was part of the Mookie Blaylock trade for Jason Terry back in 1999 (see Unofficial Warriors LIST of worst NBA moves ever and Worst Warrior moves ever). The Warriors (mis)management at the time actually went on record saying there wasn't much of difference between Vonteego and Jason "Jet" Terry. Okay...

When Vonteego was manning the point for the Warriors, it was tougher than usual to be a Warrior fan.

What was your favorite Warriors memory during the Vonteego Cummings-era?

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